Motion Graphics Artist


Series of spots each exemplifying the benefits of ADT security system. Produced with a extremely low budget, it was a challenge task to coordinate other motion graphics artist friends, and yet be able to produce concepts, direct and animate.

I used in this cutout animation a great deal of inspiration and energy, since it was my first commissioned job after taking a year off, and until today it remains one of my favorites in my portfolio and has brought to me other good opportunities and positive comments.   

Agency: Hello Digital

Pencil animation: Athos Sampaio
4th video, 'The Hostages': Daniel Makino
Additional animation: Francisco Beraldo, Danilo Enoki
Animation assistant: Carlo Merci
Sound design (1st video, 'The Burglar'): Daniel Bruson

Date: 2009 Client: ADT Role: Direction, Art direction, character design and animation