Cuica de Santo Amaro

Long duration project involving exploring many skills: from cell animation and compositing, coordinating the production about 150 frames illustrated by 26 collaborators, to web design and development and print design.

For the documentary itself I made a title sequence and animation inserts, and for the release of the film I produced an official website of the film, poster, dvd cover and booklet, and postal card.


Additional animation: Danilo Enoki, Bau Carvalho
André Leal
Athos Sampaio
Bruno Souza
Carlo Medici
Carol Gonçalo
Chiquinho Beraldo
Daniel Bruson
Daniel Makino
Danilo Enoki
Enéas Guerra
Estudio Ilustract
Fabio Biofa
Felipe Jornada
Flavio De Paula
Ian Sampaio
Kin Guerra
Leandro Franci
Marcita Leite
Nemo Sampaio
Rafael Aflalo
Rafael Araújo
Raquel Pinheiro 
Roberto Sakaki
Thiago Pinho
Vitor Cervi

Website developer: Kin Guerra